Detroit Public TV - "A Wider World" December 29, 2009
We Were Relentless (Video&Link)

West Bloomfield Beacon - November 12, 2009
Book is not closed on Jewish book fair (Link) - May 6, 2009
Too Big to Fail- Jordan Levin- Inspirational Story! (Link and Video!)

The Oakland Press - March 15, 2009
Relentless parents help deaf son build successful life (JPG image-click to enlarge)

Detroit Jewish News - February 12, 2009
COVER STORY: We Were Relentless (PDF File)


West Bloomfield Beacon - February 11, 2009
Local author writes about son's success despite hearing loss (Link)


West Bloomfield Eccentric - February 9, 2009
Fierce devotion helps overcome life challenges (Link-6th article)


West Bloomfield Eccentric - December 23, 2001
A way with words: Hearing-impaired man faces, beats challenges (JPG image-click to enlarge)


The State News Michigan State University - November 18, 1996
UNSTOPPABLE: Hearing loss won't stop student (JPG image-click to enlarge)


Detroit Jewish News - April 5, 1996
Jordan Levin Hears In A Silent World (JPG image-click to enlarge)


The Pipeline - William Beaumont Hospital System - October, 14 1977
It's a Happy Birthday (JPG image-click to enlarge)


Southfield Eccentric - March 28, 1977
Paramedics: Fast action helps preserve a new life (JPG image-click to enlarge)